Grape's core principals are based on 6 pillars


Grape will simplify the creation of Smart Contracts by introducing AI-based coding powered by ANNE

By leveraging artificial intelligence with language models and text-to-code translation, users can create smart contracts by formulating simple prompts.


The network will split into shards to achieve unlimited scalability

Sharding makes participation in the network validation more accessible, pushing Grape to unparalleled performance.

Scalability Shards

Grape’s unique Smart Contract engine
will support interoperable NFTs

An interoperable NFT standard allows users to transfer their items between games. This ensures any game progress can be transferred, traded, or sold.

Smart Contract Engine

Projects that require maximum flexibility will be able to launch a branch-chain and contribute to Grape’s infrastructure


Quantum Resistance is a fundamental requirement in the post-quantum world

Our proprietary module, DART, is based on the quantum-resistant encryption algorithm, which allows Grape to ensure comprehensive security.

Propriety Module DART

Decentralized Cloud Storage (DCS) is a crucial element of the decentralized ecosystem

Grape will allow anyone to become a node operator and provide disk space in exchange for a reward.

Decentralized data storage mobile